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Izetbegovic is opening bridges, Covic is calling for reorganization, and Dodik is defending Serbia

Where are they, what are they doing

Today's news draw a vivid picture of the situation in our country.

A ceremony marking an anniversary of the Croat Republic Herzeg-Bosna (HR HB) took place in Gorica near Grude. Representatives of HDZ BiH and Croat National Assembly (HNS) laid a wreath and lit a candle before the monument to the Croat soldiers at the Square of Croat Heroes in Mostar, followed by a visit to the grave of Mate Boban, the first President of so-called Croat Republic of Herceg-Bosna.

Covic's statement at the event proves the extent to which the idea of Herceg-Bosna is still existent:

- Regardless of how far we have moved away from the beginnings, it is clear that without organization of Croat people in BiH, we won't be able to fulfill our everlasting intent – an absolute, constitutional but also every other territorial and institutional equality of Croat people with the other two peoples in BiH. The time we live in is a time of temptation; if we analyze the census recently published, you will see that, wherever there was no organizing and action of HR-HB in any shape or form, Croats no longer live there. The consequences of the war are such that today we have to stand together and consolidate to prevent our young people from leaving. By reorganizing BiH, we have to create conditions in the next two years to acquire exactly the same rights for ourselves as other two people in BiH have, Covic stated.

And while Covic is publicly calling for establishing of a third entity, Bakir Izetbegovic, SDA President is spending his time in Turkey where he is opening some bridges and socializing with President Erdogan.

Meanwhile, Milorad Dodik did not hesitate at all to convey a message about what Serbia meant for him following the joint antiterrorist exercise of the police forces of Serbia and those of BH entity Republika Srpska 'Drina 2016', also attended by President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic.

- Our joint exercise has proven that there are no borders, as terrorism also has no borders. We are delighted and honored to have had the opportunity to observe competence and skills of the Republika Srpska police in their attempt to defend and maintain territorial integrity of Serbia, Dodik said.


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