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Political parties (re)turning to faith: Covic attends mass, SDA cites verses from the Quran

Some of the political parties in BiH in their election campaigns will turn to religion as the means to attract voters – believers.

Analysts have warned against misuse of religion and manipulation of religious feelings of BH voters! In BiH live large numbers of religious people, which makes such campaigns anything but naive.

Flyers that SDA and SBiH coalition plans to distribute in Kiseljak contain verses from the Quran, which emphasize the importance of uniting of believers. According to them, it is important for Muslims to unite around these two exact parties.

- We often ask ourselves how come that Bosniaks are so disunited. How come that they are unable to realize that their unity – religious, political and any other – is one of the most important, if not the most important factor of their survival in this region. What makes it even more serious is the fact that the unity is our obligation imposed by Allah Almighty. He said: Believers, fear Allah the way you should fear Him and die only as Muslims. You all hold tight to His rope and do not disunite! (Ali Imran, 102). Knowing that unity means strength, various factors try, and unfortunately, succeed in dividing Bosniaks in various groups and fractions, political, religious and others. Therefore, do not become part of these divisions. Let's all together say NO! To majorization, marginalization, discrimination, segregation and humiliation of Bosniaks in Kiseljak municipality, says joint flyer of SDA and SBiH Kiseljak.

Members of HDZ BiH also started attending church services, just several weeks before the elections. In the past, it was almost impossible to see them there. The Presidency member and the President of HDZ BiH, Dragan Covic, showed up at a mass in Komusina near Usora on 15 August, while his party colleague and President of FBiH Marinko Cavara attended a service in Kresevo church.

BH government has proven unable to offer economic reforms and a healthier society to the voters. That's why they are turning to their religious feelings and ever so sharper nationalistic rhetoric.


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