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Komsic: Dodik got the money, Izetbegovic got outsmarted

Zeljko Komsic

Leader of Democratic Front Zeljko Komsic made comments on the most recent agreement between presidents of SNSD and SDA Milorad Dodik and Bakir Izetbegovic about the Coordination Mechanism and signing of the Letter of Intent to IMF that has been submitted to Washington.

Komsic believes that, in this case, Dodik has got what he desperately needs – IMF money.

- From the political point of view, I think they have outsmarted Izetbegovic again. As regards the Coordination Mechanism, according to the statements we have had the opportunity to hear, particularly those of Dragan Covic, it is highly unlikely any of this will happen, Komsic says.

President of DF also said that the issue of Coordination Mechanism is complicated and that, as far as the constitutional structure goes, it is not needed in the first place.

- There is a Council of Ministers that can take that responsibility. The Coordination Mechanism may function as a parallel government, conditionally speaking, which will make decisions outside of regular decision-making lines and institutions defined by the Constitution, about something as important as is European integration for BiH, Komsic underlined.

He reiterated that the Council of Ministers secretly adopted the Coordination Mechanism in the beginning of January, which the public heard about via Official Gazette of BiH.

- If Dodik and Izetbegovic came to agreement on that, the question is what it means for the decision that is still valid in the legal system of BiH. Will that decision be changed in accordance with the agreement, how will HDZ ministers react, does Izetbegovic have full support by his party for everything he does, Komsic raised questions.

Komsic also emphasized that, for Dodik, money is the most important item so that he can patch the holes in the budget, but the real question is whether the Coordination Mechanism as the condition for the European integration has been truly agreed upon.

- It is possible that, in the meantime, HDZ will change their mind so that is fitted into a legal norm. Being aware of the September deadline, which is also the finalizing stage of the election campaign, I'm not optimistic it will happen at all.


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