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Reaction, any: RS can use Law on forests to declare independence

Unless constitutionality of the Law on forests in RS is urgently disputed before the Constitutional Court of BiH, this BH entity will be able to declare a full independence.

- That will be the end of a war against BiH, warns Muharem Cero, an expert for state property.

In 2008 the RS Government adopted Law on forests of RS. That law stipulates that BH forests situated in the territory of RS, are accounted as property of RS and not as state property. In practice, by this law, continuity of BiH is ceased. The state property is being dissolved.  

None of Bosniak representatives from that time did not react to passing such a law, although it meant a direct violation of Dayton Peace Accord. That in itself creates room for speculations.

- According to Dayton, BiH is integral and sovereign state. However, with solutions such as those in RS, BiH is no longer whole. Interentity lines become hard land registry borders, Cero tells us.

Law on forests brings territorial integrity to RS, like state. RS has its own executive power, legislation, nationality... a very little is required for them to be able to declare independence from BiH.

- By passing the Law on forests of RS, although it is violation of Dayton, the RS government seeks to gain ownership of territory. This means that RS will be only ¼ away from independence. There's no territory in the world which has the capacity to secede without agreement, warns Cero.

- Kosovo had less capacity when it declared independence from Serbia. Likewise BiH had less capacity when it seceded from Yugoslavia, and it is still internally recognized country, reminded us Cero.

This expert for state property reminds that it is not late to appeal at court. The right to appeal does not get old.

Appeal to the Constitutional Court of BiH on Law on forests of RS can be submitted by any member of BH Presidency, Chairman of Council of Ministers of BiH, Chairman or his Deputy of any home of Parliamentary Assembly of BiH. ¼ of members or delegates of any home of Parliamentary Assembly BiH or ¼ of any home of legislative bodies of entity can appeal.

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