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Krajina farmers requesting Minister Dedic's resignation: 200 tractors headed to the border

200 farmers from Krajina are headed to the border crossing Izacic where they will have peaceful demonstrations. The farmers are requesting resignation of federal minister of agriculture Semsudin Dedic and federal minister of finance Jelka Milicevic. They are also requesting payment of subventions for 2014, 2015 and the first quarter of 2016.

Dzevahir Babic from the farmers’ association 'Krajina' said to NAP that it is raining in Krajina right now, and that number of farmers at the protests could well go over 200 because of that.

- Due to the rain, farmers can't go about their work today, but they also don't have money for work, said Babic.

The farmers are arriving in Mihaljevac near Cazin in their tractors.

They did not get a permit for gathering from the Ministry of Interior. They are warned that fines for gathering without permit range from 3.000 to 9.000 KM.

Babic claims that top officials from the cantonal Ministry of Interior have abused the authority by informing the public that they (farmers) wish to block the roads and the border crossing. And that is illegal.

- We didn't announce closing the border crossing. What we announced were the peaceful protests. It is not right for the ministry of interior to misinform the public like this, said Babic.

The farmers say that, should police fine them, they will block the border crossing.

If we get subjected to paying the fines, then there is no reason not to block the crossing, says Babic.

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