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Most responsible for destiny of Bosniaks and BiH: SDA fails to solve internal troubles

It's been a year since 4 esteemed members of SDA submitted their requests to Bakir Izetbegovic for democratization of SDA and personnel changes. Semsudin Mehmedovic, Senad Sepic, Salko Sokolovic and Sadik Ahmetovic requested dismissal of Asim Sarajlic, known as a problematic yet the key member of SDA.

They waited 4 months for Izetbegovic to receive them. And when he did, at the end of September last year, he admitted that some parts of the request were reasonable and justified. Meanwhile, the group of 4 received a 5th member – Fuad Kasumovic, former deputy Finance Minister.

Incompetent people

The group kept silent for a while, only to submit another letter some 8 months after. This time, Izetbegovic responded more promptly. He said in his response that 'the group' made some insulting remarks about the top of SDA, that they are 'faceless people without courage', that some of the are 'proven enemies of the party', that the 'principles of managing the personnel politics are family and interest-based', that the people thy bring to the party are 'obedient yet without any knowledge and practical experience, particularly in security and economic sectors' etc.

Hard and insulting qualifications that you presented in both of your letters have not been sustained with examples, names and facts. If you call upon courage, pride and readiness to tell the truth at any cost, tell it all the way. Use names! If you are unable to do that, don't write any more letters to me that contain general accusations and disqualifications which damage reputation and power of the party in the times when stability of BiH is relying upon it, wrote back Izetbegovic.

The 'rebel group' from SDA got furious which as a consequence had Senad Sepic read the troublesome names to FACE TV camera: Amir Zukic, Asim Sarajlic, Semsudin Dedic and Sebija Izetbegovic.

The last of the names, the name of Izetbegovic's wife is related to the statement about 'family based personnel interests', which provided for irreconcilable differences between the two sides and set the ground for further conflict.

One can only speculate how Bakir Izetbegovic could possible solve the riddle except for by opening a discussion in SDA about throwing out the 'rebels' from the party. Naturally, SDA cannot render freedom to party fractions in its structure to do as they please. In all modern European parties, fractions are a common phenomenon. However, since SDA is neither European nor modern, it is unlikely to be able to reconcile any conflicting positions inside the party. 

Izetbegovic's letter obviously upset the other side enough to have them hit back targeting his wife who is becoming rapidly powerful in SDA. This has only exacerbated the conflict.

The key question is what is going on in SDA. Although the water seems calm on the surface, it is widely known that some things are not going well. Since their election victory, SDA has not solved one single issue of BiH.

The fashion in which it has governed the country for a year and a half has shown genuine lack of capacity to instill true reforms. They maintained a status quo. Izetbegovic's famous statement about finding employment for 100.000 people within a year has been adapted along the way; now it reads 100.000 people during a 4-year period. That figure was recently halved by Prime Minister Fadil Novalic. Mostar initiative failed, every battle for finances is lost due to the lack of development strategy, and most of the things are done on ad hoc basis. 

The battle against lottery games mafia has been also lost, because SDA gave in to HDZ without fight. All state battles have been lost, including the one with Dodik's taking the funds away from Agency for Deposit Insurance without any regard for the law.

Without reaction

SDA rarely reacts to any attempt to discount BiH. There was no reaction to massive disregard for BiH during Dodik's gatherings in Banja Luka. We have rather bad security situation in BH towns and in the entire country. We have public companies with enormous debt, empty retirement fund, and massive unemployment of inter alia 360.000 Bosniaks, whose interests should be advocated for by SDA.

We have continued illegal hiring, lawless country for the most of people and rule of law for the privileged only, we have corruption and robbery at every step. The people know (SDA motto). Behind all of this is shadow of SDA of 20 years and very successful network of clients for their continued stay on the top. However, if SDA continues maintaining losers' politics, the group of 5 may grow into a rebellious majority.

Political leaders need courage for reforms. SDA lacks courage to solve even its internal problems.

The question remains when Izetbegovic will include in SDA's agenda the issue of removal of 'rebellious 5'. It is certain that he will not rush with it. He is likely to make a long break again and get in touch with 'rebels' several months from now. Of course, unless he is rushed from some positions of authority above him.

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