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Law on lottery games: SDA changing its mind twice in a day

Changes to the Law on lottery games caused a rift between coalition partners SDA and HDZ, while yesterday's Parliament session confused even the biggest democracy experts. The reason is SDA, which in one day managed to change its position about the changes to the Law on lottery games three times: first, they loudly fought for the proposal, then they were against it, and finally they pretended not be present in the conference room.

The original proposal of the law came from SDA delegate Ramiz Mesa. SDP and DF clubs also insisted upon the law, however, they did not get sufficient support to include it in the agenda.

32 delegates from the said clubs, as well as a few SDA delegates voted in favor of the proposal. The rest of SDA club abstained from voting, as well as HDZ and SBB clubs!  

Therefore, only 4 SDA delegates voted in favor of Damir Masic's (SDP) proposal to inlcude the changes to the Law on lottery games to the agenda of the 11th session (the 10th session was stopped because of this law). President Edin Music (SDA) did not even want to call for voting on this proposal!

- I could accept that my proposal was not passed but I want the public to know that SDA does not want the changes to the law on the lottery games, said Masic.

The voting on the proposal revealed that SDA gave in to HDZ again.

- SDA once more gave in to HDZ; have they endured till the end, they could have passed the law, said Dzenan Djonlagic, DF delegate.

It is ironic that the original proposer of the law Ramiz Mesa (SDA) thanked to the opposition for their request to discuss this agenda item, yet saying 'the atmosphere is not right to discuss it'?!

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