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Silence in BiH after Vucic's statement

Aleksandar Vucic said yesterday that 'Serbian Government has been informed about possible unrest on Saturday'. Vucic referred to an announced gathering of opposition and government of RS on 14 May.

That was Vucic's public confession that Serbia receives official security information from BiH.

Interference with internal security facts of another country is the most brutal form of meddling with the interior issues of that country. The worst of all is that Vucic was the first to share that information with the public. Those facts were not shared by officials of BiH. Domestic security agencies kept silent and politically indolent.

24 hours later we still do not have any reaction of local government as to the planned gathering in Banja Luka after Vucic's reaction and warning. Unfortunately, there isn't any reaction to Vucic's reaction. That itself speaks a great deal about security in this country. 

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