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Mayor of Maglaj to Prime Minister Novalic: You are sending a bad picture of BiH

Mayor of Maglaj Mehmed Mustabasic sent a letter today to Prime Minister FBiH Fadil Novalic and his Chief of Office Samir Iskric, saying that FBiH Government is sending a bad picture to the world for not having solved the problem of 31 families which lost their homes to the floods in May 2014.

Mustabasic further wrote that the damage was estimated to 166 million KM and that most of the problems have been solved with an exception of agony of these families that are still living in temporary accommodation. They come from local communities of Alici, Kosova and Bradici.

Mustabasic called upon Prime Minister Novalic to start with payments for home reconstruction and that Novalic or his close associate come to Maglaj and speak to people protesting before the municipality building, who stand there day and night with their children.

The mayor further said that a bad message is being sent to the donor community, particularly the UN, USAID and CRS.

He told Patria about his meeting in Sarajevo with Director of Fund for help to flooded area but not with Prime Minister Novalic.

- They need to work out how much money is required and start with payments. People have no patience left and they have my support, and these problems must be solved, said Mustabasic.

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