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Maric and Sadovic from SDA again proposed dividing Mostar

Mostar saw continuation of talks among SDA, SBB and HDZ BiH about holding elections and future administration of the city.

According to Vijesti.ba portal, during today's meeting representatives of SDA Damir Sadovic and Salem Maric insisted upon passing a Law on city of Mostar and dividing the city into two municipalities. SBB and HDZ disagreed with the proposal and reiterated the need for citizens of Mostar to be able to have the elections and for the verdict of the Constitutional Court BiH to be respected.

As president of Board of HDZ BiH Damir Dzeba said to Vijest.ba, the only joint conclusion reached at today's meeting is that the election should take place this year.

The talks will continue on Tuesday. Dzeba said that HDZ BiH proposed that SDP and DF are also included in the talks and emphasized that, as far as HDZ is concerned, the proposal of these two parties makes a solid foundation for further talks.

The joint proposal of SDP and DF is to have three election units. According to HDZ, that would be in line with the verdict of the Constitutional Court, and would also satisfy the key principle of HDZ to first have the elections in Mostar and then discuss the changes to the city administration.

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