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Response to workers: Krivaja Mobel is not responsibility of Federal Government

Federal Government hosted a meeting with representatives of Krivaja Mobel Zavidovici, Director of Federal Institute for Employment Omer Korjenic, President of Board of Development bank FBiH Salko Selman and mayor of Zavidovici municipality Suad Omerasevic.

They discussed the possibility of protecting the loan funds of 6.500.000 KM that Development bank FBiH gave to Krivaja in 2012, when the company was going bankrupt. The funds belong to the Federal Institute for Employment. The loan was approved by the Federal Government at the time.

The Partner group that bought the assets of Krivaja in 2014, has had the obligation to repay the loan.

It was reiterated at the meeting that Federal Government does not have any legal basis to undertake any measures in this case as the sale contract was signed by bankruptcy commissioner and the partner group which formed the company Krivaja Mobel.

All issues relating to the workers and owners of the company are subject to their own relationship, explained the Federal Government in their official announcement.

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