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VIDEO RECORD: Minister Lukac led special troops destroying Bosniak villages

Video records from the previous war of Republic Srpska Army attacks on the suburbs of Bihac clearly show the existing RS Minister of Interior Dragan Lukac in action. He was the war commander of Banja Luka unit of the Special Brigade of RS police which stood behind the attacks in 1994.

Special police of RS will be remembered for its numerous crimes. Dragan Lukac was heavily wounded in 1995 on Sarajevo battlefield.

The second video record shows Lukac and his troops torturing young Nedzad Dizdarevic. It can be heard from the record that Lukac ordered his troops to take away Nedzad. This young man was killed, his throat was cut.

Only Pavle Gajic from Kljuc was indicted for this horrid crime. He confessed at the BiH Court to have killed Nedzad Dizdarevic by cutting his throat. The verdict for him was 7 years of imprisonment.

A member of Special Police Forces recorded all operations around Bihac on video, and parts of the record were also broadcasted by Banja Luka war TV.

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