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Report about work of Clinical Center withdrawn from agenda

At today's session of Sarajevo Canton Assembly, delegates analyzed management reports of health institutions for 2015. Following an intervention by delegate Edin Forto from Nasa stranka, report of University Clinical Center Sarajevo was withdrawn from the agenda because external audit report was not made available for the delegates.   

- We will also react to the report of the Institute for Health Insurance, Health Centers of Sarajevo Canton and Sarajevo Pharmacies. At present, most important for Sarajevo Canton is to ensure legality of work of University Clinical Center Sarajevo and General Hospital 'Abdulah Nakas', taking into consideration the concern expressed by the citizens, said Forto.

Nasa stranka will continue working on analyses of health sector aimed at ensuring transparency of work of all health institutions. That said, procedures are clear, and without external audit we cannot possibly gain a full insight, added Forto.

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