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Jobs aren’t problem when you are in power: Mušić hiring 8 new advisors!

President of Home of Representatives of BH Parliament, Edin Music (SDA), requested an approval from Administrative Commission to hire 8 new advisors on full time basis.

His request does not specify sectors the advisors would be allocated to; yet he underlined a great need to have them on board, in his cabinet, 'considering all the work that is before Home of Representatives'.

Music's idea about employing 8 advisors has been endorsed by Vice Presidents Mladen Boskovic (HDZ BiH) and Vesna Svancer (SBB).

Although moratorium on new employments in public administration is still effective, officials in executive and legislative power do not seem to be bothered with it.

They employ advisors without advertising vacant positions and without competition, which is enough to bypass Federal Civil Service Agency so moratorium is not violated directly. New employees are usually given short term employment contracts.

Monthly salaries of advisors are from 2.000 KM.

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