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Bico: Agriculture is a good source of income

Over the last couple of years, BH agriculture saw a sudden development, particularly in export to the most demanding EU countries.

Nedzad Bico from the Alliance of Agricultural Associations of FBiH told us that cultivation of raspberries and cornichons has seen a significant growth. What seems to be boosting development of agriculture is the enduring difficult economic situation, but also the fact that living in countryside is becoming increasingly popular. Such trend came to BiH from EU.

- People came to realize that working in village is honorable, very profitable and rewarding, says Bico.

- Some people go to village to work the land and plant for their own needs but there also people who start agriculture production on a larger scale. Working the land on a full time basis and with a plan, one can earn in two months as much as for one year in town.

Vladimir Usorac, President of Farmers Association of Republika Srpska told us that results of agriculture production in BiH could be much better. What is lacking is an appropriate agriculture strategy, protection of domestic produce, adequate education for agriculture producers.

- The government should work more to provide farmers with training and education, in addition to various forms of stimulation and protection of local produce, says Usorac.

Federal Institute for Statistics informs that agriculture production of FBiH for 2015 saw an increase of 16,5% compare to 2014. Crop production has increased for 22.2%, and animal production for 7,6% compare to 2014. 

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