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Without FBiH Government's support: Adisa and Neira won medals at Math Olympics!

Young mathematicians from BiH won 4 medals at European Mathematical Olympics for girls that took place in Romania from 10 – 16 April.

This was the first time for the contestants from BiH to participate at this contest where they showed their worldly knowledge. Adisa Bolic won gold, Neira Kurtovic and Tijana Babic won silver and Milica Babic bronze.

BiH team won the 4th place in team competition, out of 31 states that compete officially (8 countries such as the US or India use this opportunity for preparations and training before International Math Olympics).

However, behavior of Federal Government cast a shadow over BH young mathematicians going to the Olympics.

Federal Government ignored the requests by participants from Federation for funding support. So Adisa Bolic's travel costs were covered by Mayor of Bosanski Petrovac. Neira Kurtovic and the guides were given money by their parents and friends.

Mathematicians from RS Milica and Tijana Babic received financial support from Republic Pedagogical Institute of RS.

Young contestants were trying for weeks to reach SDA's Minister of Education and Science Elvira Dilberovic or anyone from the cantonal government. They all claimed not to be responsible bodies when it comes to participation of the best mathematicians at the European Olympics. However, that did not stop brilliant Adisa Bolic and Neira Kurtovic to win medals in Romania. Their instructors and trainers who prepared them for going to Romania were Harun Hindija and Bojan Pazin.

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