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Ceste FBiH: Graffiti near Capljina must be removed from our wall

Graffiti that glorifies so called Herceg-Bosna, drawn on a supporting wall in Dracevo near Capljina must be removed as soon as possible. Ceste FBiH (public company for road maintenance in FBiH) confirmed for Patria that the graffiti has to be removed regardless of the content of the message, because the supporting wall is property of this company and nobody has gotten a permission to use it. This realm is regulated by Law on public roads of FBiH.

- Association of youth 'Hercegovac' which authored the graffiti will receive a written notice in the course of the day to remove the graffiti, and our inspectors will make a field visit, confirmed for Patria Ceste FBiH.

The youth of Association ‘Hercegovac’ drew up the graffiti on a supporting wall by the highroad M17 in Dracevo near Capljina, on the crossroad to Neum (Svitava), Graffiti reads: ‘In vain heroes write the history, when there are those who erase the truth. Herceg-Bosna gave the sons, a today gets no thanks for that’ (it rhymes in local language). Besides graffiti, there is also a coat of arms of Herceg-Bosna. The content of the graffiti is rather offensive to other two constitutional peoples in BiH.

Web portal Bljesak.info writes that the graffiti author is a Sarajevo student of architecture Vlaho Bupic from Dubrovnik. This portal also says that this is the largest graffiti in Hercegovina – it spreads across 75 meter long wall, 2 meter high. It took 5 days to make it.

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