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6 April one of the most important dates in the history of BiH


On 6 April 71 years ago, Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina was liberated from the Nazi occupation, and on exactly same day 24 years ago, it was attacked by armed forces consisted of Yugoslav People's Army and paramilitary forces of the Bosnian Serbs.

That day is marked as Day of Sarajevo. On the same day back in 1992, European Community at the time, recognized independence of BiH.

However, lots of blood had to be shed for the independence and statehood to be defended during the 4 year aggression, in which Sarajevo remained under siege for 1450 days.

According to the official history data, Sarajevo was liberated from fascist aggressor on 6 April 1945 following a military action of the Yugoslav Army which started on 28 March 1945. The 2nd, the 3rd and the 5th corps, the 11th and the 13th Krajina brigades, the 18th Middle Bosnian brigade, artillery and tank units all participated in the liberation of Sarajevo. Following fierce fighting, on 6 April 1945, the resistance of Germans and Independent Croat State was broken down entirely and Sarajevo was liberated. By the end of the military action on 10 April, also free were towns of Visoko, Kakanj and Busovaca.

According to official data, during the war period 1941 – 1945 a total of 10,961 citizens of Sarajevo lost their lives fighting fascists: 7,092 Jews, 412 Bosniaks, 106 Croats, 1,427 Serbs, 16 Montenegrins, 1 Macedonian, 5 Slovenians and 12 Others.

47 years later, Sarajevo found itself in another battle against aggressor of the same methods, goals and ideology. From the beginning of the aggression and siege, until 31 July 1995, a total of 11,541 civilians lost their lives – some were killed, others died of hunger, cold or disappeared. 1,598 of them were children.

Material damage the city suffered during the aggression and the siege, mainly through destruction of housing and cultural treasure, infrastructure, is immense.

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