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More than 15 prosecutors and judges left the court case against Seselj

Following Seselj's acquittal, comments and analyses keep coming. Many tend to blame prosecutors for possible omissions in the indictment. That is an insupportable accusation. The top prosecutors have worked on Seselj's case. About ten prosecutors who worked on this case are the finest example of brilliant knowledge and skills when it comes to Anglo-Saxon law. Western civilization considers its judiciary the ultimate intellectual work. To have a career in international judiciary takes a great deal of studying and sacrificing, and is the tip of judicial art.

Vulgar attacks on prosecutors and judges

In the past 9 years of the court case against Seselj, some say that prosecutors and judges tried to avoid attending the court proceedings, as they felt it a punishment. Comments that it was due to some Seselj's extraordinary abilities are just comical. Seselj's cursing, his tantrums, provocations, interruptions, requests for removal of prosecutors from the court process, hunger strike, threating witnesses, cursing etc. made this court process his own circus show. This was nothing new to his judges and prosecutors as his former boss Slobodan Milosevic had similar outbursts.    

There were about ten prosecutors working on the case, only to run away as fast as possible. We are talking about terrific prosecutors such as Dan Saxon, an American who worked for the Tribunal for 12 years and then resigned from Seselj's case.

Joanna Motoike, an esteemed American judge also left the Seselj case. Currently she works in California. Melissa Pack, an excellent prosecutor who read out the indictment to Radovan Karadzic. She was Seselj's prosecutor for a short while and then she left. Daryl Mundis, an American, was a prosecutor and investigator in a number of international legal cases. He spent some short time on the Seselj case and left. Christin Dahl worked with Mundis in the prosecution team against Seselj and then left. Lisa Birse, an American prosecutor was on the case until two years ago and she suddenly left the process.

Judges also leaving

The Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz was a prosecutor for a short time until Seselj requested his disqualification. 11 months before the verdict, Brammertz stepped out of the case. At the end of the court process, Mathias Marcussen remained but with a difficult position in a rather compromised case.

Along with prosecutors, judges were also changing. Jamaican Patrik Robinson started the case and then resigned. Current Vice President of Tribunal Carmel Agius was also a judge in the case against Seselj. Kevin Parker Horace Sworn was also there. The judge Frederijk Harhoff was brutally sent away after having accused President of Court Theodor Meron for putting pressure on judges to free Ante Gotovina and JNA general Momcilo Perisic.

What more ought to be said?

Except for that the only permanent member in the Seselj case, from the beginning, was Jean Claude Antonetti. And he was the one to read out the shameful verdict that has terrified the world for days now.

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