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Mayor of Srebrenica: Only Niksic called

Followers of Vojislav Seselj yesterday celebrated acquittal of their leader by driving victory laps from Bratunac to Srebrenica. Mayor of Srebrenica Camil Durakovic said that those couple of hours of celebrations brought in a great deal of fear and anxiety among Bosniak returnees.

As soon as media published pictures from Srebrenica and Durakovic's statement, he was contacted by the Office of High Representative, requesting additional information.

- I also received a telephone call from SDP President Nermin Niksic. He asked what was going on and offered to help. He said that he was at our disposal 24 hours a day for anything we would need that was in his power. No other politician from Federation BiH called to check on us.

- Believe me, those calls mean a great deal to us because they give you strength to carry on in this struggle to remain on your own land regardless of all provocations that happen to us, said Durakovic.

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