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Revision: Ivanic cares more about Serbia than BiH

Mladen Ivanic, member of Presidency BiH made a statement that he, as a Serb member, will never approve revision of the verdict in the case of lawsuit of BiH against Serbia.

Ivanic underlined that 'possible revision of the lawsuit' will not happen as he will vote against such decision on the Presidency BiH level.

However, Ivanic has missed something. Neither he will be asked for his opinion nor any such decision will be on the agenda of Presidency BiH.

That is what professor of Constitutional Law Kasim Trnka confirmed for TV1. Speaking about the possibility for filing a request for the revision with the International Court of Justice, which should be done by February 2017, he said that official position of the Presidency BiH on this matter is not necessary.

Trnka has further said that Presidency BiH already declared its position on this by appointing and authorizing an agent to undertake all actions relating to the proceedings, and one of those is filing a request for revision of the verdict.

Importance of Ivanic in this story does not have to do with 'fierce pre-election messages' but with the fact that he, as a chief of state BiH, does not represent its interests but the interests of Serbia.

Ivanic is more annoyed by the fact that, if BiH files the request for the revision, Serbia will be labelled as responsible for the aggression on the state that is the chief of!

According to professor Trnka, a mention of the period of forceful establishment of government of so called Republika Srpska of BiH, is most curious of all aspects of The Hague verdict for Radovan Karadzic.

- Republic of Serbia i.e. SR Yugoslavia at the time, with its intelligence, police and military resources directly participated in those actions, and that is the confirmation of what was said. The point 63 says that the military and police of SR Yugoslavia were directly involved in the conflict in BiH. Surely that says a lot about the nature of the war in BiH, thinks Trnka.

He underlined that the verdict for Vojislav Seselj will also have space for complaint, as some additional arguments can be found in it.

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