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Citizens of Vlasenica calling to demolition of the local mosque via social media

A young man from Vlasenica shocked Bosniak returnees by sending a message via Facebook that he will 'gear up imam of Vlasenica, Nurdin Grahic, to plough the soil'.

Bosniak returnees to Vlasenica have found the message rather disturbing. They have requested an urgent action by security agencies.

Aleksandar Zuga Matic from Vlasenica provoked an avalanche of fascist comments by posting a photo of himself standing in front of the mosque with three fingers up, and the other hand pointing at the mosque, with a comment:

- This is where I will plant raspberries, I bought this land behind me. There will be jobs, count on that, wrote Matic. His comment earned lots of support from other Vlasenica men.

Ljubisa Rosuljas responded: 'Way to go, Kosmajac, give us a shout – first to plough then to throw raspberries around. We will gear up Nurdin, to plough.'

Certain Sinisa Djuric added: 'I'm here, just call, imam will plough with his teeth.'

Bosniaks have requested an urgent action by the RS Ministry of Interior. 

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