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Why Bosniak officials do not mark the death anniversary of Nedzad Ugljen

Every 28 March ever since 1999, a high level delegation from Federal Police marks the death anniversary of Jozo Leutar, the late deputy Federal Minister of Interior, by visiting his grave.

Federal Police delegation also lays a wreath on the memorial in Alipasina Street where Leutar was assassinated 17 years ago.

Investigation of his murder is still underway – those who ordered murder and killed the second in command of Federal Ministry of Interior have not yet been tracked down.

Following on decision by SIPA Director Perica Stanic, a special team has been recently formed to investigate murder of Leutar.

This case, as well as the case of murder of Nedzad Ugljen, the late deputy Director of AID, has been moved from BiH Prosecutor's office to the Cantonal Prosecutor's Office.

Ugljen was murdered in the evening of 28 September 1996, in Prijedor Street in Sarajevo. At the time, Federal Ministry of Interior issued an announcement about commencing an intensive investigation. His murderers have not yet been tracked down.

Both Leutar and Ugljen were a high level police/intelligence officers, and both cases are political murders.

Although their murderers and those who ordered murders have not yet been identified, their unfortunate deaths must not be forgotten, regardless of investigation and its outcome.

The anniversary of assassination and the death of Leutar has been institutionalized from the day one. High level delegations of Federal Ministry of Interior, regardless of who is on the power at the time, pay respect to their late deputy minister by visiting the memorial where the assassination took place and the graveyard in Mostar.

20 years since the murder of Ugljen, his grave at Bare graveyard in Sarajevo is visited only by his family and close friends. High level political and police delegations do not come to visit. Considering the fact that Ugljen was deputy Director of AID, it would be logical that top officials from OSA organize marking of his death anniversary.

There is no memorial in Prijedorska Street where Ugljen was murdered.

The responsibility for shameless ignoring of Ugljen's death lies with political leaders and officials of political parties who like to present themselves as exclusive protectors of Bosniak interests.


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