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Political games: SDA's legal experts offer ‘solution’ for Mostar

Last evening in Mostar, SDA presented their solution for Mostar that includes organization of two zones in Mostar with all municipal prerogatives and responsibilities. One would be predominantly Bosniak, and the other one Croat.

This proposal would be further defined by a special Law on Mostar City to be brought on federal and cantonal levels.

What has shocked the public is the fact that, after 5 years of searching for solution, SDA's legal team offered a solution that is contrary to the verdict of BH Constitutional Court in the part that treats unequal value of vote in the election units in Mostar City. 

According to SDA proposal, the election unit South with 7,700 voters would give 5 councilors to the City Council, and the election unit Southwest which has 30,400 voters would give only 7 councilors. Ratio between number of councilors and voters in South is 1:1540, and in Southwest is 1:4.340!

It is quite clear now that SDA is deceiving the public and that the offered 'solution' aims for not having elections in Mostar this year so that HDZ and SDA can continue their rule in Mostar, each on its own side of city, spending 60 million KM of budget funds per year!

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