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Development Bank: Did Izetbegovic trick Turks who wanted to buy Agrokomerc?

The sale of Agrokomerc to the Development Bank FBiH should be finalized by the end of April 2016. This was confirmed by Dragana Đerić – Cerovic, the judge who runs this case at the Municipal Court of Velika Kladusa.

Let us remind you, the Development Bank FBiH will get food factory Agrokomerc worth more than 25 million KM for only 2,2 million KM.

It is clear that the bank will not keep Agrokomerc for itself. It is important to follow whom will Development Bank sell the assets of Agrokomerc after it becomes its owner this April.

Unofficial source of Patria claims that sale of Agrokomerc to Development Bank FBIH is one of the greatest postwar economic scandals in Bosnian Krajina.

The political top of SDA has known about this from the very beginning. The sale of Agrokomerc has been directly supervised and run by Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic.

The company capital worth over 25 million KM, our Prime Minister reduced to mere 2,2 million KM. Prime Minister's associate Suvad Osmanagic and Minister of Agriculture Semsudin Dedic worked closely with him.

They were joined in their efforts by Sarajevo businessmen Nihad Imamovic and his company 'Ein Natural' and Mustafa Gadzo and his company 'Silsila'.

- Capital assets of Agrokomerc will be stripped of their value and as such sold by Development Bank to a third party for a slightly higher amount, claims this source. For such a financial malversation all actors will get incentives. Several hundreds of thousands KM have been mentioned.

One should know that Development Bank is run by controversial Salko Selman from Travnik, also SDA, with several criminal charges at prosecutor's office for malversations in relation to building of mini hydro centrals in Srednjebosanski Canton.

Croatian Zvecevo has been mentioned as one of possible buyers of Agrokomerc. Zvecevo has tried many times before to enter Velika Kladusa. It would move part of its production from Croatia to BiH, which would reduce labor cost by 50% compare to price it pays in EU.

Devaluation of multimillion capital of Agrokomerc before its sale to Development Bank FBiH, was carried out in accordance with a strictly planned scheme devised by Novalic, Osmanagic and Dedic.

Nihad Imamovic, a businessman from Sarajevo was the first to offer 12 million KM for Agrokomerc. Second bidder was Mustafa Gadzo with 5,5 million KM.

Development Bank FBiH offered 2,2 million KM for Agrokomerc, which made it the third best bidder.

Just before he was supposed to pay out the money, Imamovic withdrew from buying Agrokomerc, justifying his change of heart with a story about an unknown man threatening to kill him and his family if he bought Agrokomerc. It has been over a month since the incident occurred and Ministry of Interior of Sarajevo Canton still does not have any clue as to who threatened Imamovic. Prosecutor's office of Sarajevo Canton confirmed to Patria that this case has not reached them as yet. They have been only filled in with new details about Imamovic case by Ministry of Interior. Imamovic filed information on 22 March.

Gadzo has not offered any explanation as to his withdrawal from buying Agrokomerc.

It is only logical to wonder how come that prosecutor's offices do not find story of sale of Agrokomerc somewhat dubious; starting with Imamovic's withdrawal to Gadzo's silence. After all, we are talking about state capital i.e. assets of FBiH Government that those with power and responsibility should protect instead of selling it for pittance for sake of their own interest.

According to unofficial information from the Ministry of Agriculture run by Semsudin Dedic, serious buyers to appear before everyone else did were Turkish businessmen who offered 15 million KM. They even came to Sarajevo for talks.

According to an unofficial source, President of SDA Bakir Izetbegovic promised to do everything in his power to help them buy Agrokomerc and continue investing in it. However, the Turks suddenly gave up; there are speculations that Izetbegovic was negotiating with them while Novalic was working out his plan for Agrokomerc ending up in the hands of Zvecevo.

It is obvious that nobody cared that serious investors come aboard because only sale to Zvecevo would enable protagonists of Agrokomerc deal to have their personal interests met.

That is how Bakir Izetbegovic, the 'honorary citizen of Bihac' aligned with Novalic & co. instead of doing his best to revive former giant of Velika Kladusa.

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