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SDA humiliated citizens of Gorazde by bringing Radeljas to power

It took the existing government of Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPK) only 15 months to halt all recent positive developments and, by doing so, bring life and survival in the area into state of financial and other insecurity. Coalition majority lives by the principle of satisfying one's personal interests, while incompetent executive power with the prime minister who, besides distributing tax payers' money according to orders of high positioned figures of SDA, by and large does not have any vision how to respond to tasks in near future, said DF Gorazde and BPK.

- Do citizens of BPK Gorazde know who is the strongest and who is the weakest link in BPK Gorazde government? It is unacceptable that future of this area depends on decisions and attitudes of people with disputable past; that issues of vital national interest is used to block work of executive and constitutional power.

It is well known that, when forming power, SDA let group G6 and Esed Radeljas come to power and by doing so, it annulled all the existing rules. Bringing Esed Radeljas to power humiliated citizens of BPK Gorazde.

It is interesting that SDA defended its decision about G6 entering legislative and executive power explaining that Esed Radeljas controls Home of People of Parliament FBiH and he is necessary as such. Lately, instead of implementing Work schedule, Government has been subjected to charges about criminal activity and lack of transparency when it comes to spending money. Hence the lack of information about who is in the government and who is responsible for the situation in this canton.

The latest initiative to oust groups G6 from coalition and its minister of economy is just another maneuver of SDA by which it wants to justify supporting the worst government in BPK Gorazde ever.

It is only now that they talk about controversial minister as incompetent and keen on illegal action. However, the reality indicates something entirely different. Minister Radeljas is quite competent because he succeeded in legalization of unlawfully built facilities on the river Drina, pave access roads to his villas, participated in setting up tenders, made attempts to privatize 'Gorazdeputevi', he became one of shareholders of 'Gorazdestan' and used his position through a whole variety of social distributions to create conditions to take part in local elections. Minister of Economy is, actually, an external associate of social protection service who deals with destiny of citizens stripped of their rights by giving personal donations. At the same time, he does not know what his real job is. Therefore, he has not been doing it.   

The latest SDA initiative which will most probably result with G6 getting kicked out of coalition and with dismissal of Minister of Economy, has received an official agreement by SBB, and this process will be finalized at one of the future meetings.

On the other side, in TV show 'NEosnovano' (Unfounded) on RTV BPK, Minister of Education shared facts about lack of justification for the existence of International University of Gorazde instead of taking away its license and banning its work. 

It is worth the mention that political officials of SDA got their master degrees in a very short period of time at that same university. With tax payers money.

Budget BPK Gorazde for 2016 has not been adopted yet, while Finance Minister indicates in media upcoming total collapse, as well as the lack of funding for social categories, former soldiers, health care and capital investments.

Let us remind you that DF initiated an urgent continuation of Annual Conference so that the budget for 2016 can be adopted, which, if not adopted, will halt normal functioning in the canton.

Although Strategy of Development for this canton was adopted at the latest regular meeting of assembly, we in DF know that Program of Public Investment of Government FBiH for period 2016 – 2018, out of 38 adopted projects, does not include any project from BPK Gorazde and its municipalities (other than building of a hydro central in Ustikolina). This just confirms that Government of BPK Gorazde does not have competent people who can plan projects that could contribute to development and self sustainability of BPK Gorazde.

Dear Citizens on the state, federal and cantonal levels, DF will support all efforts that can guarantee benefit for citizens and contribute to development. DF has given over to cantonal prosecutor's office the materials which contain elements of criminal acts committed by elected and appointed officials from BPK Gorazde, say representatives of DF Gorazde.

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