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Orucevic's Center for Peace offers a solution for Mostar

Intersector Group of the state Parliament recently announced that their work was done and that they did not receive one single proposal for changes to the Election Law of BiH in the light of verdict of the Constitutional Court of BiH for method of elections for City of Mostar. Center for Peace and Multiethnic Cooperation from Mostar reacted to this by offering their own solution to the problem 'Mostar for All Times'. President of the Center is Safet Orucevic, the former mayor of Mostar.

Text of the proposed solution is available to all representatives of political parties and delegates in Parliament of BiH via website of the Center for Peace.

The proposal 'Mostar for All Times' is offering a full equality of all peoples and ethnic groups in Mostar – Bosniaks, Croats, Serbs and Others. It is also offering a solution for Sejdic – Finci issue and the wholeness of City of Mostar.

The main principles of the new Statute of Mostar City include implementation of the verdict of Constitutional Court about balanced value of vote in electoral units, the issue of equality of citizens of central zone in the election process, as well as direct election of mayor and two deputy mayors in the election process. Direct election of mayor and deputy mayors which have to come from different ethnic groups or others, would be carried out according to so called presidential model. That would secure legitimacy of each elected bearer of executive power of Mostar City.

City Council of Mostar, as has been so far the case, would have maximum quote of 15 and minimal quote of 4 councilors from each constitutional group, and at least 1 representative from Others. All decisions deemed vital for the City and citizens of Mostar would be brought by 2/3 majority with obligatory affirmation votes of at least 1/3 of clubs from all constitutional groups and Others. This proposal excludes any form of domination of one group over other two, or two groups over the third.

The proposal also stipulates connecting of city administration with the citizens by virtue of offices in City areas and local communities.

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