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Patria Reporting directly from The Hague: The day of pronouncing judgement

On Thursday, 24 March, at 14:00, the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) will announce a verdict for the war president of Republika Srpska Radovan Karadzic indicted for 11 counts for genocide in BH municipalities in 1992, terror over civil population of Sarajevo (1992 – 1995), genocide in Srebrenica in 1995, and taking UN personnel hostage, reports Patria journalist from The Hague.

The day before pronouncing one of historic judgements, the situation was under control and peaceful, with terrorist attacks in Brussels overshadowing the judgement for Karadzic.

- At the present moment, most important thing related to this event is security and personal safety of those who will attend pronouncing at the court. Since the dreadful event of terrorist attacks in Brussels, the question of judgement has been placed on the backburner. Security and safety are most important for all, reported yesterday Sead Omeragic, our journalist who will with 200 journalists from all over the world follow pronouncement of the judgement at the courtroom.

Otherwise, The Hague has secured 300 seats for those who wish to follow today's court proceedings, but due to increased interest and in order to accommodate requests, the Tribunal is using the entire space available in its building, as well as additional space in World Forum conference center nearby.

The entire area around Tribunal is blocked today and access is controlled by Dutch police. There will be a video link in the conference center of World Forum for live broadcast, says Omeragic.

55 ambassadors will be watching pronouncing of judgement at the court, and Tribunal has registered requests for places at the courtroom by 150 victims and more than 200 journalists, over 100 professors, researchers and representatives of civil society.

- 15 Serbs will attend the pronouncing, but they will be separated from others. Srebrenica Mothers are also expected and they will be accommodate in Scheveningen at one of the seaside hotels, reported Omeragic.

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