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Murky business: Novalic's Government reduced multimillion assets of Agrokomerc

An unofficial source from Municipal Court in Velika Kladusa told us that Company 'Silsila' from Sarajevo gave up buying the food factory Agrokomerc.

Right to purchase the expensive real estate of the former business giant from Velika Kladusa now belongs to Development Bank FBiH (Razvojna banka Federacije BiH). The property of Agrokomerc worth more than 25 million KM, the bank will get for as little as 2.2 million KM. Our source claims that Silsila has given up Agrokomerc so that Development Bank can buy this food company.

That has been the goal from the very beginning of public sale of Agrokomerc, which was started at the Municipal Court in Velika Kladusa in the beginning of 2016. Nihad Imamovic, the best bidder was first to withdraw, and the second best bidder was Mustafa Gadzo and his family owned business.

Mustafa Gadzo refused to comment on his withdrawal from purchasing Agrokomerc.

Development Bank FBIH will first buy and then sell Agrokomerc, and the buyer is likely to be Croatian Zvecevo. This Croatian company had already made attempts in the past to enter Velika Kladusa. The interest is there. Part of production would be moved from Croatia to BiH, which should reduce the labor cost by 50% compare to the current price being paid towards EU.

The same source tells us that the highest political top of SDA has known from the very beginning about one of the biggest postwar deals unfolding in Bosanska Krajina. The sale of Agrokomerc assets is directly supervised by Prime Minister Fadil Novalic. Capital assets of the company worth over 25 million KM, the Prime Minister reduced to mere 2.2 million KM. Also involved in this business and working with Novalic shoulder to shoulder are his associate Suvad Osmanagic and Minister of Agriculture Semsudin Dedic, supported by entrepreneurs from Sarajevo Nihad Imamović via his company 'Ein Natural' and Mustafa Gadžo via his company 'Silsila'. Devaluated assets of Agrokomerc they will sell via Development Bank to a third party for a slightly higher price. They will all surely be adequately rewarded.

This is how the story went: In the beginning of the year, Nihad Imamovic placed a bid of 12 million KM for purchase of Agrokomerc; the second bidder Mustafa Gadzo offered 5.5 million KM while Development Bank offered 2.2 million KM for Agrokomerc, which secured a third place for the bank in the tender procedure.

Only a few days before he was supposed to pay out the money, Imamovic withdrew from the procedure, justifying him sudden move with a story that an unknown man threatened to kill him and his family if he pursues purchase of Agrokomerc. Cantonal Ministry of Interior is in the process of investigating alleged threats to Imamovic.

Gadzo has not yet explained the reasons behind his giving upon the purchase of Agrokomerc. The public is awaiting his explanation.

It is now quite clear that Development Bank will be a new owner of Agrokomerc and for 20 times less money than the original evaluation of this food factory. Development bank is to pay Agrokomerc in the next 30 days.

Our source claims that Novalic's advisor Suvad Osmanagic in the past tried to bring Zvecevo to Krajina, but failed the attempt. Development Bank FBiH is his new bypass for letting Agrokomerc into the hands of a foreign company.


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