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Zukić halted appointment of SBB candidate Djenan Salcin to Autoceste FBiH

Supervisory Board of public company Autoceste FBiH has not yet ousted Jasmin Buco (SDA) from director's position in order to appoint Djenan Salcin (SBB), although Government of Federation BiH gave its approval on 7 March for appointment of a new director.

There is unofficial information that members of temporary Supervisory Board JP Autoceste Federacije BiH Zlatan Lovric, Almir Spaho, Sead Kaknjo, Bilal Tulumovic and Ante Vrdoljak received clear instructions from General Secretary of SDA, Amir Zukic, to stop until further notice ousting of Buco and appointment of Salcin because 'there are problems in SDA – SBB coalition.

Judging by the delay in change of management in this public company, it is evident that problems between coalition partners exist.

In practice, whenever urgent telephone conferences of FBiH were held, dealing mainly with HR issues, dismissals and appointments followed immediately after, within 24 hours.

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