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Right hand of Sebija Izetbegovic: Annual salary of Muvedeta Butmir-Cedic 106.224 KM

Only a serious and detailed investigation by state financial institutions and some truly independent audit companies could show the real financial picture and plight of the University Clinical Center Sarajevo (UKCS).

And while its General Director Prof Dr Sebija Izetbegovic internally and in public likes to talk about a debt of 'over 100 million KM’ blaming her predecessors for it, some other indicators show that the actual debt is less by some 20 million. The question is why the debt is said to be higher than it is.

It is well known that the largest part of the actual debt was made during the mandate of Prof Dr Faris Gavrankapetanovic, which triggered the long-standing agony of UKCS. Why has then Dr Sebija Izetbegovic appointed Muvedeta Butmir-Cedic to the position of her first finance associate when it is well known that Muvedeta was one of key protagonists of the financial breakdown of UKCS.

At the time, Butmir-Cedic inter alia served as Chief of Finance of UKCS. However, her arrival and career in Kosevo are worth remembering.

Head of Finance

Having spent war years in Croatia and Slovenia, Muvedeta Butmir – Cedic returned to Sarajevo and by magic in 1995 got a job in UKCS which required a university degree, though she did not have one. Yet, that didn't present the problem as she managed to get a degree in a record time – within a year. Without any work experience yet with help from director of expert non-medical discipline Zilha Ademaj and with blessing from SDA top levels, she got appointed to the position of Head of Finance. Negative reaction by her associates Zilha Ademaj tried to calm by saying 'she is young, she'll learn...'

In 2002, General Director Dr Faris Gavrankapetanovic appointed her to the position of Head of Finance, Accounting and Planning, which gave her more responsibility and power and in 2007 she became Director of Non-Medical Discipline – right hand of the General Director.

The period that followed was marked by signing a number of big contracts between UKCS and big construction companies, factories of medical equipment, IT, medicines... as well as enormous income of the management and, consequently, catastrophic debt of UKCS.

Muvedeta Butmir – Cedic was in charge of contracts, price negotiating and everything else up to director's signature. Those contracts were worth millions of KM.

UKCS signed a contract with company IBS worth over 1 million KM for installation of SAP (IT system), which recent crash blocked the work of UKCS. UKCS also signed a contract with Logosoft worth over 1 million KM for telephone system of UKCS.

Contracts under investigation

A big contract with Siemens for maintenance of medical equipment worth 3.000.000 KM followed, which would not have been disputed had it not been for the amount of 1.2 million KM of unnecessary costs as a consequence of either lack of skills or ill intention of 'experts' surrounding Gavrankapetanovic. This contract is subject to investigation of Federal Police.

It is, of course, difficult to be more precise about how much of personal gain was integrated into these big contracts. Yet, in the business portrait of BiH which includes large scale thefts of public money and fraud, that almost goes without saying.

Some of those things were visible. Parallel to UKCS signing multimillion contracts, Gavrankapetanovic's personal kingdom of real estate is growing. Similarly, his right hand Muvedeta Butmir – Cedic opens up a cafeteria 'Vatra' on Ferhadija Street, in the center of Sarajevo.

At the time of another big contract of UKCS, in the vicinity of Sarajevo, far from sight, construction company 'Butmir' is building Muvedeta a summer house. What cannot be denied due to material evidence is that her annual income totaled (for 2010) 106.224,31 KM, or 8.850 KM per month, while MD specialists and even heads of clinics received up to 2.500 KM per month!

Of particular appeal is a contract between Construction Company 'Butmir' and UKCS from 2011 worth 9 million KM! Although there was a legitimate bid cheaper by 890.000 KM by 'Unigradnja' company, Muvedeta Butmir – Cedic who supervised the bidding process, made a pressure on the selection committee to choose more expensive 'Butmir'. When the committee members refused, she signed the selection report by herself in favor of Butmir and Gavrankapetanovic signed the contract.

'Unigradnja' filed a suit against UKCS for 'lost profits' but soon after, probably due to pressure, withdrew the charges.

It is difficult to be more precise about provisions, percentages, criminal activity and various other illegal businesses before judicial and criminal justice institutions finish their job. Besides cantonal and federal inspections, prosecutor's offices and Federal Police are also working on this and UKCS related cases.  

Complaint for small salary related distress

In 2013, Muvedeta Butmir – Cedic filed a complaint against UKCS for 'distress due to illegitimate dismissal', requesting a compensation of 50.000 KM. She was not illegitimately dismissed – her mandate came to an end. The 'distress' was probably caused by having to return to her previous position and status i.e. from 8.000 KM salary to 1.700 KM.

At that time, in the beginning of 2013, Sebija Izetbegovic becomes Director of General Hospital 'Dr Abdulah Nakas' and brings with her 'person of confidence' Muvedeta Butmir – Cedic as finance expert. Three years after, in the beginning of 2016, they both return to UKCS and Izetbegovic appoints Muvedeta the Head of Finance!

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