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Prince Charles: Destruction of Old Bridge in Mostar is a symbol of pain

Prince Charles who is currently in his official visit to Belgrade, called for peace and togetherness among people in the Balkans. Citing Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric who said that bridges are more important than anything else that man builds in his life, Prince Charles remembered the Old Bridge in Mostar and its importance for connecting people.

- Some 10 years ago, I remember celebration in Mostar when the famous bridge was reconstructed. Its destruction is a symbol of pain, loss, suffering, and its renewal is an example of success and the effort invested. And of the pain that all people in the region suffered in the 90-ies. However, that new bridge is of little benefit if people do not use it. Today, I wish to greet all people in the region who have courage to cross bridge between different faiths and cultures. That is a necessary inspiration for people in this region and the whole world, said Prince Charles.


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