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Company owned by a delegate to the Cantonal Assembly gets a 300.000 KM job

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Family business owned by SDA's delegate to the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton, Mirza Celik, last year billed the Cantonal Government with a total of 268.000 KM for works related to maintenance of street-lighting.

The Government of Sarajevo Canton gave the job to the cantonal public communal company 'PARK' Ltd. However, as this public company does not have the capacity to do the job, they hired subcontractors. One of them is company Telefongradnja Sarajevo owned by Celik family, situated in Hadzici.

Patria is in possession of documentation which reveals that Telefongradnja only in 2015 cashed in nearly 300.000 KM from the cantonal budget.

Telefongradnja carried out maintenance of street-lighting in the area of 4 municipalities of Sarajevo Canton – Hadzici, Trnovo, Vogosca and Ilijas.

Cooperation between Park and Telefongradnja will probably continue in 2016, however, it is yet unknown on what scale, reveals our source from Park who wish to remain anonymous.


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