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Hrelja dismissed, Pharmacies Sarajevo without Director and medicines!

Governing Board of Public Institution Sarajevo Pharmacies headed by President Edo Hasanbegovic will meet today at 5 p.m. to appoint a new director following dismissal of their longtime Director Nedim Hrelja last week at a Governing Board meeting.

Although Governing Board previously appointed Amira Mehmedovic, manager of Saraj Polje pharmacy, she resigned due to pressure and rebellion by some heads of departments.

According to Kemo Delihasanovic, President of Syndicate of Sarajevo Pharmacies, today is the day for this company as the former Director left the pharmacies without medicines.

- There are no antibiotics, no boxes for preparations of medicines, no basic therapies. 24/7 pharmacy in Hadzici has no medicines. Therefore, citizens of Hadzici after 8 p.m. have to go to Ilidza. Employees called me asking for help. At present, only Governing Board can do so, claims Delihasanovic.

Otherwise, there are several candidates for the position. According to the agreement among political parties, this position has been given to SBB. Originally, the name of Bilsena Sahman, member of SBB, was being mentioned, however, following her arrest on 14 January in the court case against Fahrudin Radoncic and others, the custody and her subsequent release, she decided to withdraw from the competition.


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