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Is that unity: Ivanic called Bosniak political scene 'spoilt', Covic is offering help!

Although Bakir Izetbegovic (SDA) and Fahrudin Radoncic (SBB) are speaking highly about Bosniak unity and enviably stable coalition, it remains unclear whether they see what their coalition partners and citizens of this country see – that ‘Bosniaks get to do very little and that Serbs run the country’, as it was put by Senad Hadzifejzovic during his TV show which hosted Mladen Ivanic, member of Presidency BiH.

Ivanic did not deny Hadzifejzovic's statement; instead, he accentuated the best coming from SBB. If that statement was heard by Bosniak representatives, they should think about their actions because everybody knows that SDA appoints ‘the suitable’ instead of ‘the capable’. Even Radoncic is making it hard by not giving upon Dautbasic's appointment for the position of Minister of Transport and Communications, although his partners have been sending clear messages to him that he should either change the candidate of postpone the appointment.

- I can't say if the Serbs are running the country, but I have to say that the people who are currently representing Serb people are very active. Mr. Sarovic has done a tremendous job. Minister Crnadak is also exceptionally active and present everywhere. They can say about Mektic whatever they like but he moves things, he opens up topics and motivates people to do their job. We have a good team in the BH Parliament, and I have been the one saying that this is the way to prove that the RS exists, said Ivanic.

In the talk that followed, the message got even stronger and it was directed to the leaders of Bosniak parties. It was as clear as day.

- I think that a serious discussion is needed within the Bosniak political structure, as well as thinking about the concept of where to - what is the goal? I've got a feeling that main part of the Bosniak politics lives in the past times, with a belief that some foreigners should run this country in the direction which they choose. When it comes down to some serious talks, there is always some fear of crossing the line, to show that, you know, to us from SBB it hasn't been easy, we've been under everyday fire from Banja Luka, but we are holding on… Here, they are just not used to that. Bosniak political scene is a little bit spoilt (sensitive, soft), but that is another topic for me to speak about as an analyst and not a politician, said Ivanic.

And while Dragan Covic, member of Presidency BiH and HDZ leader is sending out similar messages and calling for mutual respect, also admitting in a way that Bosniaks are in need of help, the political incompetence of Bosniaks is becoming more visible. Why would Bosniaks need help has not been specified but it is clear.

Whether Izetbegovic will understand messages from Ivanic and Covic and turn to his state jobs and a stronger protection for Bosniaks remains unclear – we can only hope it will not be too late. The politics of giving in has been active since the general elections, because Covic has got everything he wished for.

The Election Law, implementation of 'Sejdic-Finci' verdict, the request for introduction of a third TV channel, the document about 'Defense Review' could cost BH citizens a lot, unless Bosniak politics get their act together or unless Covic helps them?! 

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