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Why did Imamovic step out: Zvecevo in the game?

Nihad Imamovic gave up on buying food industry Agrokomerc. Instead, the company will be bought by Development Bank of FBiH for 2.2 mil KM, only to sell it further to Croatian Zvecevo, says our source from Government of Federation of BiH.

The whole ‘strategy’ was devised by Suvad Osmanagic, Advisor to Prime Minister Fadil Novalic. The Prime Minister supported him all the way. Did President of Supervisory Board of Agrokomerc Fadil Bihorac know about this? If he did, how come he didn't warn the Government about it? If he didn't know about the criminal activity related to Agrokomerc, how come he missed such big things happening before his eyes?

One month ago, Sarajevo businessman Nihad Imamovic made a 12 million KM bid for the food industry Agrokomerc at the auction that took place at the Municipal Court in Velika Kladusa. The second bidder was Mustafa Gadzo and his company Silsila offering 5.5. million KM.

Development Bank of FBiH offered 2.2 million KM for Agrokomerc, and thus took the third place on the list of best bidders.

Our source reveals that both Imamovic and Gadzo knew from the start that they would not be buying Agrokomerc and that Development Bank FBiH would buy it eventually. The Bank even got the Government's agreement to do so.

Nihad Imamovic had withdrawn only a few days before he was supposed to pay the money to the Government of Federation of BiH. He sent a message out via Dnevni Avaz about an unknown man who called him from a Slovenian number and threatened to kill his family and him should he become an owner of Agrokomerc.

Was the whole story about the threat made up?

The right to purchase is now with Mustafa Gadzo and his company Silsila. Our source claims that Gadzo will also withdraw his bid. Gadzo did not want to confirm this information but he also did not confirm that he will buy Agrokomerc. He said to Patria that he has 30 days to plead.

After Gadzo will have given up on Agrokomerc, and Development Bank becomes the owner, the plan is to sell Agrokomerc to Zvecevo for about 3 million KM. Given that the Bank will buy Agrokomerc for 2.2 million KM, and sell it for about 1 million more, it will be presented as a business achievement of Development Bank headed by controversial businessman Salko Selman (SDA).

However, an important fact has been foreseen: the value of assets of Agrokomerc are officially estimated to be over 23 million KM and they will be sold for 2.2 million KM!

Surely Zvecevo will reward Osmanagic for the opportunity to take Agrokomerc. Osmanagic has tried before to let Zvecevo into Agrokomerc, but failed the first attempt. Now he has used Development Bank FBiH as a bypass for Zvecevo to come to Velika Kladusa.

The entire operation of giving Agrokomerc away to Zvecevo for 'small money' is run by two groups of people: Nihad Imamovic and Mustafa Gadzo as businesspeople; and Suvad Osmanagic, Prime Minister Fadil Novalic and Agriculture Minister Semsudin Dedic as politicians. Development Bank of FBiH is the means of manipulation. 

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