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The Unites States refuse to sign exequatur for Susnjar

because Ivan Susnjar, who was appointed to this position by the Presidency of B&H, has not yet received exequatur from the US government – an official act by the receiving state, in this case the United States, by which it approves the implementation of the consular functions to the chief of consular office within the consular area.

Our source reveals that the US officials some 10 days ago refused to sign the exequatur to Susnjar, however, that news has not yet been confirmed. The BH Presidency for some unexplicable reason has keep silent about the whole case.

Susnjar was nominated for the position of the general consul in Chicago by the member of BH Presidency Dragan Covic mid last year. A large number of BH intellectuals opposed Covic’s decision. Susnjar was perceived as a journalist who spread nationalistic hatred among BH citizens. Person like him could not bring B&H anything but problems, these intellectuals and some esteemed journalists thought about Susnjar.

Some non-governmental organizations organized signing of public petition which asked for withdrawal of Susnjar’s name from the list of BH general consuls. The petition was signed by Senad Pecanin, Slavo Kukic, Jasmila Zbanic, fra Mile Babic, Ahmed Buric, fra Peter Jelec and other public figures from B&H. However, the Presidency did not change its decision.

The circumstances under which Susnjar presently lives in Chicago remain unclear.

Our source revealed that the BH Foreign Ministry did not have to issue travel warrant for Chicago before the US officials sign off the exequatur. The same source says that, according to the official record of the Ministry, Susnjar did not undergo any orientation as part of the procedure for every diplomat before assuming his/her new duty.

If the US officials refused to sign off the exequatur for Susnjar, or if there are any issues about his appointment to the position of the Head of BH Consulat in Chicago, how come that the BH Presidency would not have him return to B&H and appoint another diplomat instead of him? Whose passport does Susnjar have on him after all? Who is paying for his expensive stay in the US?

- All that Susnjar spoke about at the National Prayer Breakfast organized at the White House a few days ago, as far as Foreign Ministry is concerned, was matter of his personal opinion. For us, he is a private person until the official approval, says to Patria Nebojsa Regoje, the Foreign Ministry PR.

BH Consulat in Chicago is currently run by Enisa Hadzovic, officer in charge.

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