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Prime Minister Fadil Novalic was giving CIMOS's money to earn workers' affection

Slovenian magazine Finance writes that Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, while he was Director of Slovenian company Cimos in Gradacac, was giving the company money away to the Syndicate of metal workers from Sarajevo, and was also funding all cultural events in Gradacac.

At the very same time, Slovenian tax payers’ money was being used to save Cimos units in the region due to the company’s poor results.

The magazine writes that Novalic's spending Cimos money negatively impacted the company, yet made workers like him, which greatly helped him later on to become a prime minister.

The Finance further writes about Novalic sending monthly transfers of app. 20.000 KM of Cimos money to the Syndicate of metal workers back in 2011. According to the same source, the funds were allocated to Energoinvest TAT which worked for Cimos TMD from time to time.

Novalic justified this move to Slovenian journalists as the matter of business relationship between Cimos and Energoinvest TAT.

That is not all, however. The Finance says that Novalic was spending Cimos money also to finance all cultural and sports events in Gradacac. The magazine writes that Novalic made annual transfers of app. 100.000 KM to the soccer team Zvijezda from Gradacac, he financed building of stadium, supported organization of Gradacac Fair...

That is how Novalic earned workers' affection. When they heard of Novalic's dismissal, the workers turned off the machines and gave fiery support for their Director. Affection that Novalic earned during his term as Director of Cimos, he used to his own political benefit which helped him become Prime Minister of FBiH – writes Finance.

In 2013, Cimos Group dismissed Novalic from Cimos Gradacac. The top management of this Slovenian company said at the time that Novalic was dismissed for failing to implement decisions of the Assembly concerning appointment of a company procurist and reduction of Director's authority, then violation of individual contract in form of paying higher salary then stipulated in the contract, as well as suspicions about multiple misuse of position.

The Finance also writes that it is no surprise that responsible for finances of the soccer team Zvijezda was Samir Iskric who also run finance department of Cimos TMD during Novalic's directorship.

At present, Iskric is Chief of Office of Prime Minister Novalic, writes Patria.  

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