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Bakir Izetbegovic gives a statement about the appointment of Ambassador Nermana Hadzijahic

Bakir Izetbegovic, member of BH Presidency will give a statement at the Prosecutor's office today at 15:00 about the appointment of Ambassador Nermana Hadzijahic in Slovenia. She was appointed to the position by the BH Presidency.

Izetbegovic received her CV from Fahrudin Radoncic, President of SBB, after which an immediate appointment followed. Prior to that, Izetbegovic said that she was Radoncic's proposal, while Radoncic during his court trial on 27 January stated that SBB never officially requested Hadzijahic's appointment.

The Prosecutor's Office called Bakir Izetbegovic, President of SDA and BH Presidency member to a hearing in the case against Bakir Dautbasic and Fahrudin Radoncic, reports N1.

Izetbegovic will appear before the Prosecutor's Office as a witness in relation to the statement about the circumstances of the appointment of the ambassador to Slovenia Nermana Hadzijahic. Izetbegovic has earlier said that, should he be called by the Prosecutor's Office, he will go and give his statement.

Presidency of BiH appointed Nermana Hadzijahic as Ambassador to Slovenia under rather unclear circumstances. Hadzijahic has been appointed as SBB candidate, though SBB says that her name has never passed through official procedure, which is otherwise a practice in SBB.

Radoncic gave Hadzijahic's CV to Izetbegovic, after which Izetbegovic the day after at the meeting of the Presidency proposed her appointment which, according to Radoncic, surprised even him.

Hadzijahic's appointment was preceded by suspicious activity between Bakir Dautbasic, an SBB official and Zijad Hadzijahic, who is, by the way, an employee of the US Embassy in Sarajevo and Nermana Hadzijahic's spouse. According to Bozo Mihajlovic, the prosecutor, in the Dautbasic case, Hadzijahic was supposed to lobby in the US Embassy for Dautbasic that is, to stop the investigation against him in favor of the appointment of his wife as Ambassador to Slovenia.


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