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Political parties continue to do as they please: The politics of total social insensitivity

Some two and a half years ago, when astronomical salaries of the political parties' officials were presented to the public, they proved what people have always known: the government is entirely socially insensitive.

At some point, those salaries were stopped from further growing  by some internal government decisions, only to surface later on that, when it comes to political parties, the discipline is there until it becomes an obstacle to personal interests of the party officials.

On the lists of the highest salaries, one can mainly see the names of the people from political parties. Those people have been nominated by their political parties to the positions which allow them to have enormous privileges. The same people, who should have taken over the burden of the crisis onto their own back and be an example of leadership, continue to deepen already grave situation of the impoverished in this country. There is too much of the social poverty out there for someone to pretend it does not exist.

People on positions change, high salaries do not

One of the directors of the pharmacaeutial company Bosnalijek, Nedzad Polic received a monthly salary of 15.008 KM. He also 'earned' a bonus for the month of May of 41.761 KM. That was a genuine political scandal.

Another example are salaries of the Union Bank Directors, Admir Nukic and Vedran Hadziahmetovic, of over 15,000 KM. Director of Development Bank at the time, Ramiz Dzaferovic, in April 2013 had a salary of some 8,000 KM, and two of his assistants over 7,000 KM. Director of Tobacco Factory Sarajevo, Edin Mulahasanovic received over 6,000 KM.

As for the Federal institutions, the highest record was held by Zlatko Bars, Director of Agency for Banking, with salary of 11,000 KM, while his Deputy Nedzad Tuce received over 10,000 KM.

Even when people on these high positions change, salaries remain the same.

Greed as the management style

SDA members nominated on high positions in the government, tend to make additional arrangements for 'manager's bonus', which may skyrocket to 100.000 KM. That was the culmination of the ruthlessness and opportunism of the shameless party system.

Soon after everything about this matter has gone quiet, news has been broken about high pays of the management of public companies, such as Nedim Hrelja of 'Pharmacies Sarajevo' who was receiving monthly salary of 5.700 KM in 2015. In the same company, Kemal Dzevlan was receiving monthly salary of more than 5.000 KM.

Annual income of Dzevad Kadribegovic, Director of Cantonal Housing Fund goes up to 115.000 KM. Most of the public companies are in extremely poor condition, which does not prevent their management to have astronomic salaries.

New income lists of the cantonal officials prove that nothing has changed. In this country, there are only greedy political party officials and the rest doomed to suffer. Year after year, the social insensitivity only grows.

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