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How did SIPA change the state flag colors?

State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) has completely changed the colors of the BH state flag on its website www.sipa.gov.ba, reports News Agency PATRIA.

On 13 February 2015, SIPA launched a brand new website, designed with latest web design trends, as stated there. Unfortunately, lacking the respect for the state flag.

According to the law, the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina is blue. There is a yellow triangle from the center to the right. Parallel to the left side of the triangle, from the top to the bottom of the flag, there is a line of white stars.

However, on the SIPA website, the blue is replaced with grey, and yellow is darker than on the official flag.

Although the webpage was launched during the term of the previous Director (the convicted Goran Zubac), now is the right time for the current Director Perica Stanic to correct this huge designer's error.

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