Zeljko Komsic: 5 values to be agreed upon

The candidate for the member of the Presidency BiH, Zeljko Komsic said that there are five non-negotiable values, which he specified in his 'roadmap' incorporated in the document 'Presidential vision[...]

Objavljeno :2018-10-04 12:36:28
Becirovic: We should abolish paradiplomatic network and strengthen the state diplomacy!

The candidate for the Presidency BiH, Denis Becirovic stated that the state diplomatic – consular network of BiH, already weakened by the existing divisions and the lack of professionalism and efficac[...]

Objavljeno :2018-10-02 12:13:06
Komsic: No time for hesitation, we are either for BiH or against it

Some 'altruists' said that we made a mistake when we left the power in 2015, that we should not have done so.[...]

Objavljeno :2018-10-02 06:25:21
Conference for Global Cooperation to Achieve Peace and Cessation of War

HWPL added that the summit will continue for another 2days to bring all the voices of various segments of society including women, youth, religion, and media advocating the collective efforts for peac[...]

Objavljeno :2018-09-18 11:08:05
Bakir's battery operated terrorism

Although labeled 'Fethullah's terrorist organization' by the Turkish government, the FETO movement is not on any list of terrorist organizations in BiH.[...]

Objavljeno :2018-08-31 23:05:22
The EU loud and clear: No change of the Balkans borders

The key topic of almost all current political debates in the Balkans is about 'correction' of the borders between Serbia and Kosovo.[...]

Objavljeno :2018-08-30 23:35:02
Finci: National parties in BiH are depriving of rights their own people

The Croatian Democratic Union of BiH (HDZ BiH) insists on changes to the Election law of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a consequence, voters from one BH constituent group would not be able to vote for th[...]

Objavljeno :2018-07-19 11:18:38
Migrant tragedy and political strategy

When Slobodan Ujic, the Director of the Service for Foreigners Affairs says: 'We have to close the border with our eastern neighbors – Serbia and Montenegro', we can't help but wonder if it was a s[...]

Objavljeno :2018-07-07 09:41:06
BH property in Croatia: The longest European battle for ruins

The story about confiscation of BH property in Croatia under the recently passed Law on governing state property – seems more like a bad construction.[...]

Objavljeno :2018-05-28 08:01:44
Coup d'état as directed by Dragan Covic

Ever since the beginning of negotiations on the Election law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, HDZ leader Dragan Covic has kept the entire state hostage by his minimalistic demands.[...]

Objavljeno :2018-05-20 11:36:15