Dodik's pact with the devil

In Brussels, Vucic and Dodik will promise everything and swear by European values.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-02-18 11:41:00
Grand Mufti Kavazovic: We need a modern, liberal and civil state

A new phase of political crisis in BiH that started during the pre-election period, has continued after the elections.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-25 17:23:16
Vucic between Brussels and Moscow

Long awaited visit to Belgrade by the Russian president Vladimir Putin is now behind us.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-21 14:34:02
Gjenero: Vucic wants an alliance with Zagreb against Bosniaks at any cost

It is very interesting how Vucic behaves with regard to Croatia. He will do whatever it takes to become an ally with Zagreb...[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-16 12:24:38
Telephone call listing solves the mystery of Del Vechio's presence at the 9th of January event

As much as Dragan Covic tried to end the story about the 9th of January by minimizing the importance of 'Croat delegation' at Dodik's celebration academy, one cannot help but notice Covic's avoiding t[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-15 09:02:47
Coup d’état for any occasion

Just when we thought that the times of coups were over, and that they were no longer en vogue even in Latin America, in the last 15 days we saw two attempts of coup d’état.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-09 23:43:58
Covic's story about ethnic cleansing is an alibi for the JCE

The president of HDZ BiH and HNS, Dragan Covic said after a session of the presidency of this party that he could not see any reason to block forming of the Council of Ministers BiH, and that federal [...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-09 13:07:18
Western democracy or darkness: Dodik on battle tanks

Milorad Dodik is a man of alibies. He always finds a justification for his actions.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-08 09:47:24
Disappearing or...

There was this French UN soldier who, while transporting me across the airport runway to Hrasnica in January 1993, told me of his obsession with Bosnia and Herzegovina.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-06 11:01:00
The people is one thing, the opposition is another

The people and the opposition are natural partners. When the people rise against injustice, wise western world does not recognize it as a revolution against the state, on the contrary, they perceive i[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-02 18:24:17