Disappearing or...

There was this French UN soldier who, while transporting me across the airport runway to Hrasnica in January 1993, told me of his obsession with Bosnia and Herzegovina.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-06 11:01:00
The people is one thing, the opposition is another

The people and the opposition are natural partners. When the people rise against injustice, wise western world does not recognize it as a revolution against the state, on the contrary, they perceive i[...]

Objavljeno :2019-01-02 18:24:17
SDA attacks their political competitors

There are no indications when the Federation will establish a new government. Electoral winners in the Federation, SDA and HDZ last October won 43 representative seats (out of 98) at the House of Rep[...]

Objavljeno :2018-12-20 09:22:20
SDP: Croatia has violated the Dayton Peace Agreement

The Social Democratic Party BiH condemns 'continued aggressive meddling in the internal affairs of BiH by Republic of Croatia'.[...]

Objavljeno :2018-12-15 21:33:59
Milan Dunovic: Almost half of Croatia was against the Declaration

The Vice president of the Federation BiH, Milan Dunovic made a statement concerning the Declaration adopted by the Croatian Parliament (sabor).[...]

Objavljeno :2018-12-15 19:42:10
Komsic: Dismantling the Armed Forces BiH announced by Dodik could jeopardize peace in BiH

The member of the Presidency BiH and the supreme commander of the Armed Forces BiH (AF BiH), Mr. Milorad Dodik has jeopardized the unity of the AF BiH as well as the command system by his announcement[...]

Objavljeno :2018-12-15 18:52:37
Circuses without bread: When state kills without responsibility

'Bread and circuses'... that's how apathy of the old Romans was cured. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, those in power have halved the famous quote, so we are left with – circuses. And what circuses – most[...]

Objavljeno :2018-12-14 21:23:02
BiH 2018 government formation: A "conclave" for Bosnia and Herzegovina

The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, regularly analyses events in the Middle East and the Balkans.[...]

Objavljeno :2018-12-14 14:36:31
Sabor's Declaration: A reprise of war aims against BiH

The debate about Declaration by Sabor of Croatia about the position of Croats in BiH has turned into river of most incredible lies about 'endangerment'.[...]

Objavljeno :2018-12-14 13:56:05
Covic's pact with Orban is an obstacle to EU path for BiH

Judging by his public appearance, HDZ BiH president Dragan Covic is the biggest advocate of European path for BiH.[...]

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