22 years since Washington Agreement:It called a halt to the armed conflict between RBiH Army and HVO

Friday, 18 March will see 22 years since Washington Agreement which halted the armed conflict between RBiH Army and Croat Defense Council (Hrvatsko vijeće obrane – HVO).[...]

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Republika Srpska: Fine for swearing and beating 600, and for BH flag 3 – 15 years of prison

What has been happening on the territory of RS is a complete violation of human rights, violation of BH Constitution and the laws on which security and safety of citizens are based upon. This entity h[...]

Objavljeno :2016-03-17 16:26:46
Novalic's intermezzo and Zvizdic's deceit: Coordination mechanism still an issue

It was 10 February when Denis Zvizdic, President of Council of Ministers BiH proudly announced that the document of coordination mechanism was agreed upon and unanimously adopted at the Council of Min[...]

Objavljeno :2016-03-17 15:02:45
Jakic rewarded Ramic with VW Passat for his dedication and support

Almost two months ago, Governing Board of Foundation for Sustainable Development (ODRAZ), without any fuss and far from the public eye, re-appointed controversial Vinko Jakic to the position of direct[...]

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Mostar 1995-2016: From whole to divided

In 1996, the international representative at the time, Hans Koschnick brought about a Transitional statute of the city. That statute divided Mostar in 6 municipalities – 3 of those with Croat majority[...]

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Company owned by a delegate to the Cantonal Assembly gets a 300.000 KM job

Family business owned by SDA's delegate to the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton, Mirza Celik, last year billed the Cantonal Government with a total of 268.000 KM for works related to maintenance of street-[...]

Objavljeno :2016-03-16 11:08:29
Meeting of Central Bureau: No agreement about census

Experts believe it is clearly stated in the set of questions 1 – 7 who cannot be resident of BiH. Demographer Hasan Zolic says that question 40 is not vital.[...]

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Emina Oruc new director of Sarajevo Pharmacies

The Pharmacies were previously run by longtime director Nedim Hrelja. He was dismissed earlier in March.[...]

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Meeting of Sarajevo Pharmacies Governing Board suddenly postponed!

Governing Board was supposed to appoint a new director of Sarajevo Pharmacies following dismissal of Director Nedim Hrelja last week. Dispensaries of Sarajevo Pharmacies find themselves in difficult s[...]

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Hrelja dismissed, Pharmacies Sarajevo without Director and medicines!

Otherwise, there are several candidates for the position. According to the agreement among political parties, this position has been given to SBB. Originally, the name of Bilsena Sahman, member of SBB[...]

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