Friar Ivo Markovic: Relations between Muslims and Christians have to take a new turn

It would only be wise and normal if people confessed to crimes in order to establish a quality and correct approach towards the victims.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-03-25 12:10:00
Downright insane

One should be 'downright insane' to claim that, mass crimes were not committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-03-22 16:28:00
Dragan Covic is the only politician from BiH who didn't comment on the verdict for Karadzic

President of HDZ BiH, Dragan Covic is the only politician from a parliamentary party in BiH who did not comment on the final verdict for Karadzic.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-03-22 11:10:00
Religious violence or moral monstrosity

The world has stepped deep into the phase of religious wars and religious terrorism. It is becoming global.[...]

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Biserko: Political elites in Serbia should give up the idea of uniting with the Republika Srpska

The European Union should focus on getting Serbia and its political elites to treat the wars of the nineties in a truthful manner, instead of relativizing and discounting them, said Sonja Biserko.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-03-20 15:12:00
Karadzic's neighbor: Sarajevo gave him everything and he tore it apart

I would like to meet him again and ask him: 'Radovan, why did you have to do that.' Izeta Bajramovic was Radovan Karadzic's neighbor before the war.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-03-20 12:48:00
Biserko: As far as Serbia is concerned – Karadzic is the winner

Serbia expects Radovan Karadzic to be acquitted; it has always been in favor of that option.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-03-19 11:22:00
Which patriotism is better – left or right?

Anti-patriotic rhetoric has become deeply embedded in the civil political spectrum in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-02-25 16:05:00
With national parties against national parties

Negotiations between BH national parties that will constitute the government during the next 4 years after the elections of 7 October, have been intensified.[...]

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A new wave of Holocaust negation and an introduction into legal and historical revisionism

The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, regularly analyses events in the Middle East and the Balkans[...]

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