Ceste FBiH: Graffiti near Capljina must be removed from our wall

Web portal Bljesak.info writes that the graffiti author is a Sarajevo student of architecture Vlaho Bupic from Dubrovnik. This portal also says that this is the largest graffiti in Hercegovina – it sp[...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-13 09:11:08
Covic removed the flag of so called Herzeg-Bosnia, the unconstitutional title remains

There is a big sign at the entrance to his office 'Croatian member of BiH Presidency'. This is, however, an unconstitutional title. According to the Constitution of BiH, Dragan Covic is member of BiH [...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-12 15:05:21
Ministers hire without advertising; more than 50 advisors in the Council of Ministers!

All the advisors were hired in 2015. Semiha Borovac, Minister for Human Rights and Refugees has 5 advisors. They were hired in the period 4 April – 10 December 2015. Nina Miskovic, a journalist, works[...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-11 14:31:54
SDA waited for 12 years to admit to have given everything to HDZ in Mostar

Therefore, for 12 years SDA has intentionally and in agreement with HDZ BiH been giving upon the power in favor of HDZ BiH, and for some small personal interest, and now they admit it.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-08 13:41:00
Complaint to Ombudsmen about ban on teaching Bosnian and Croatian in RS

The complaint of 'Prvi mart' inter alia says that students in RS who are taught Serb language are in a privileged position compare to students who are taught Croatian and Bosnian languages.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-08 10:59:28
Mayor doesn't mind: Graffiti in Mostar resemble 1993

According to a citizen of Mostar who was walking around this side of town and who took pictures and sent them to us, mayor of Mostar Ljubo Beslic has not done anything to remove the graffiti. This res[...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-08 10:58:16
41 years ago opened Shopping Mall 'Sarajka', one of the symbols of Sarajevo

Shopping mall 'Sarajka' worked until the war when it was completely burnt down. The remains and the land were sold after the war and today's BBI shopping center was built on it and opened on 6 April 2[...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-06 11:51:57
6 April one of the most important dates in the history of BiH

47 years later, Sarajevo found itself in another battle against aggressor of the same methods, goals and ideology. From the beginning of the aggression and siege, until 31 July 1995, a total of 11,541[...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-06 11:20:27
From 'ethnic cleansing' to 'extermination'

Today, after the verdict for Karadzic, I'm wondering where our intellectuals are. Where are the experts of the international law? I'm hearing that in Belgrade, there are serious discussions about the [...]

Objavljeno :2016-04-06 09:01:31
More than 15 prosecutors and judges left the court case against Seselj

Except for that the only permanent member in the Seselj case, from the beginning, was Jean Claude Antonetti. And he was the one to read out the shameful verdict that has terrified the world for days n[...]

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