Tortures in Omarska Concetration Camps: Many have never been found

124 people from Omarska were killed on Koricanske stijene and Hrastova glavica, and many have never been found.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-25 10:55:10
HDZ 1990: Archbishop Komarica is right, RS is the new Bleiburg

HDZ 1990 publicly support Archbishop Komarica. They call upon institutions in charge to protect his basic human rights and freedom of speech.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-24 08:45:32
Most responsible for destiny of Bosniaks and BiH: SDA fails to solve internal troubles

They waited 4 months for Izetbegovic to receive them. And when he did, at the end of September last year, he admitted that some parts of the request were reasonable and justified. Meanwhile, the group[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-23 16:45:20
Law on lottery games: SDA changing its mind twice in a day

The original proposal of the law came from SDA delegate Ramiz Mesa. SDP and DF clubs also insisted upon the law, however, they did not get sufficient support to include it in the agenda.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-19 15:11:38
'Bosniak unity' should admit that finances belong to HDZ!

In all of the above examples, and there are more of those, so called 'Bosniak unity' embodied in two Bosniak parties SDA and SBB, is silent. Their self-indulgent ministers only care about – themselves[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-18 12:56:03
Silence in BiH after Vucic's statement

Interference with internal security facts of another country is the most brutal form of meddling with the interior issues of that country. The worst of all is that Vucic was the first to share that in[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-12 15:43:07
Mayor of Maglaj to Prime Minister Novalic: You are sending a bad picture of BiH

He told Patria about his meeting in Sarajevo with Director of Fund for help to flooded area but not with Prime Minister Novalic.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-12 14:34:40
They are not terrorists: Investigation stopped in Ruben case against 31 Bosniaks

Prosecutor's office in Banja Luka stopped investigation against 31 Bosniaks arrested last year during 'Ruben' action in Republika Srpska. They were arrested under suspicion of being connected to terro[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-12 12:17:35
Who are money launderers in BiH: Panama according to us

There have been too many of these financial transactions between the RS companies and the ones based in one of the tax paradises. Media in RS confirmed sometime ago that businessmen from Lithuania, th[...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-09 14:35:33
Maric and Sadovic from SDA again proposed dividing Mostar

The joint proposal of SDP and DF is to have three election units. According to HDZ, that would be in line with the verdict of the Constitutional Court, and would also satisfy the key principle of HDZ [...]

Objavljeno :2016-05-09 13:02:05