Novalic didn't obey Izetbegovic: Supervisory Board of Aluminij solely HDZ!

The proposal by Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic for Supervisory Board of Aluminij Mostar to be uninational board consisting of HDZ personnel solely was passed by SBB ministers and HDZ. Ministers [...]

Objavljeno :2016-07-01 12:36:57
Hot in Srebrenica: New evidence about fictional voters from Serbia

President of SNSD's municipal committee and committeeman in the Assembly of Srebrenica municipality, Radomir Pavlovic, made a statement earlier in May on Mreza FTV about reduced number of Serbs on vot[...]

Objavljeno :2016-07-01 11:48:48
The highest number of cases of corruption recorded, SIPA reduced interventions?!

The latest data of BH Ministry of Security proves that corruption has nested itself into every pore of Bosnian society. When it comes to numbers of registered cases, corruption was at its peak last ye[...]

Objavljeno :2016-06-27 15:10:21
Niksic: Brexit should be no excuse for BH politicians' inaction

President of Social Democratic Party of BiH Nermin Niksic thinks of Brexit as the greatest shock since the EU inception, it is stated in SDP's press release.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-06-24 18:47:09
Federal Government: Annual cost of fuel for 882 vehicles is 1.4 million KM

Vehicle fleet of FBiH governmental bodies, and there are 64 of them, consists of 882 vehicles. Some 1.4 million KM is spent on fuel for those vehicles per year. This sum does not include vehicle regis[...]

Objavljeno :2016-06-24 18:07:15
Kremic's response to Covic and Ivanic: It is not up to politicians to decide

Neither Dragan Covic nor Mladen Ivanic and Milorad Dodik and any other politician in this country could change the decision of Velimir Jukic, Director of Agency for Statistics to start publishing resu[...]

Objavljeno :2016-06-23 12:18:18
War criminals 'disappear' on the way to prison: Krsmanovic strolls around Visegrad

Association 'Women – War Victims' submitted an inquiry to the Court and Prosecutor's office BiH (Department for War Crimes), seeking an explanation about Oliver Krsmanovic who should be detained by th[...]

Objavljeno :2016-06-21 11:12:05
Bukvic and BBI are selling strategic resources of BiH: Who is the ultimate beneficiary?

When the department store 'Sarajka' was bought in the process of privatization, some wealthy folks from the Gulf registered a company in Sarajevo in 2006, under the name 'BBI Leasing & Real Estate' th[...]

Objavljeno :2016-06-16 15:31:21
Lagumdzija not gone yet: Elektroprivreda signs another big contract with a foreign company

An IT company from Zagreb 'b4b' will get to sign a new contract with Elektroprivreda BiH worth 232,000 KM for maintenance of IT system called SAP.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-06-16 10:03:39
Will convicted Josip Tomic return to the Oil Terminals?

However hard it may seem for the members of the ruling coalition (SDA, HDZ and SBB) to agree on issues that are of critical importance for BH citizens – such as the coordination mechanism, Mostar elec[...]

Objavljeno :2016-06-15 11:12:15