Letter to Konakovic: NAP continues with critical writing, that is our obligation to the public

The Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton Elmedin Dino Konakovic has shown on a number of occasions that he likes only like-minded folks, and dislikes those who critically talk or write about his work[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-08 17:40:23
Djonlagic: IMF's loan will not recover BH economy

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund yesterday approved a loan of 553 million EUR for BH Government.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-08 15:52:12
Neochetniks in Serbia have gone further than neoustashas in Croatia

Citizens of BiH have kept Ivo Josipovic, the former President of Croatia, in good memory – as a moderate, tolerant chief of a neighboring country. After his departure from SDP Croatia, Josipovic found[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-07 12:03:55
Control over local media required: SDA is trying to take over RTV Visoko

Councilors of SDA in the council of Visoko Municipality started an initiative for alternation of Supervisory Board of the local RTC Visoko in favor of a new board. The new board has the authority to d[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-06 17:06:42
A primary school for children of Croat nationality opened up in Kiseljak

Pupils of the secondary school 'Nikola Sop' and the Secondary Vocational school in Jajce succeeded in stopping divisions between them, after the local government tried to open separate schools for Bos[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-06 14:09:42
Relationships in the coalition and the election campaign halted the work of BH Presidency?!

The last regular session of the Presidency BiH was held on 28 July 2016. According to the official website of the Presidency, these sessions used to be held up to 3 times each month; that's why one ca[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-05 11:32:16
Nikolic and Vucic with the RS officials: The Belgrade meeting on referendum has begun

Serbia's President and Prime Minister Tomislav Nikolic and Aleksandar Vucic have started their meeting with the top ranks of the RS government.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-01 15:54:01
Referendum: Possible sanctions for Republika Srpska

Aleksandar Vucic and Tomislav Nikolic have scheduled consultations for later today on the topic of PIC's decision (Peace Implementation Council in BiH that consists of 55 countries and organizations, [...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-01 15:31:28
Becirovic: The West has to counter reincarnation of Milosevic's politics

Director of International Institute for Middle East and Balkans Studies (IFIMES) Ljubljana, Dr Zijad Becirovic in an interview for News Agency Patria said that he does not see 'the need to reinvent th[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-01 11:21:45
Covic 'accidentally' in Serbia: He will seek support for revival of H-B

Accidentally or not (he claims that to be a coincidence), Dragan Covic will end his regional tour as the member of Presidency BiH and leader of HDZ BiH today in Belgrade.[...]

Objavljeno :2016-09-01 09:39:33