Mirko Sarovic: Buying local produce would take BH economy to new heights

Mirko Sarovic is considered to be the most successful minister in the current Council of Ministers of BiH.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-07-25 20:41:00
Whatever happens, Covic will not survive Aluminij

However the case 'Aluminij' may eventually close, for the HDZ president Dragan Covic it could well mean the end of his political career...[...]

Objavljeno :2019-07-15 13:27:00
Mijatovic to Dacic: You continue Milosevic's policy which I'm ashamed of

(Patria) - Vojin Mijatovic, the vice president of the SDP's governing board has directed an open letter to Ivica Dacic, Serbia's foreign minister.[...]

Objavljeno :2019-07-09 20:22:00
An Interview with Andre Oboler: Online Hate Speech

As a member of European Democratic Youth Network (EDYN) and Advanced Leadership in Politics Institute (ALPI)[...]

Objavljeno :2019-06-29 16:48:00
Zeljka – the terrorist

The president of the Republika Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic recently stated that she was 'very concerned about the rise of Islamic radicalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina'...[...]

Objavljeno :2019-06-17 12:08:00
Can Serbia stop harassing Kosovo and Bosnia?

While the leading political party in Serbia – Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) – and the Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic continue to aspire towards its neighbors’ territories...[...]

Objavljeno :2019-06-14 20:11:00
From Cosic and Tudjman to Dodik and Covic - Neighborly acts of kindness

The aggressive politics towards Bosnia and Herzegovina run by the chairman of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik and the president of HDZ BiH Dragan Covic...[...]

Objavljeno :2019-06-05 17:42:00
A government of non-party experts the only chance for a European future for BiH

The latest report by the European Commission presented on Wednesday in Brussels, has not entirely defined the position of BiH and its future status...[...]

Objavljeno :2019-06-03 10:56:00
It doesn't matter who sues you, as long as you name the judge

Any criticism that we know is true, is usually the one that is hardest to bear.[...]

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INTERVIEW Bernard-Henri Lévy: Sarajevo is a wound in my side that won't ever heal

French philosopher, journalist and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy is one of the most influential and most prominent intellectuals of our time[...]

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